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Changing times need a new approach. It’s in our DNA to create opportunities.

Square One Law wants to help support businesses in the region strengthen their position in the UK and international markets and ultimately help improve the economy.

We are a forward-looking law firm and offer the energy and drive of a young business, matched with the talent and knowledge of highly experienced lawyers. We offer an alternative choice in an overcrowded legal marketplace – a new approach.

Based in Newcastle, Teesside and Leeds, we are well placed to form partnerships with businesses across the northern region.

Our clients want professional advisers who think like they do, share the same passion in their business and have a connection so they become an extension of their team.

Our clients like the fact we give a commercial opinion, not a list of legal options. We want to provide high impact solutions for our clients so we become involved in the discussions around their strategic direction and the initiation of their projects rather than just processing the legal outcomes.

“We saw an opportunity in the challenging times of 2011 to set up a more entrepreneurial law firm, so we embraced change, invested heavily in technology and talented people and focus on providing the services that businesses need.

We’re not trying to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best in our chosen areas.”

Ian Gilthorpe, Senior Partner

“With any service providers you are looking for the same passion for your business – a passion for the things you do and a connection with that. It characterises the tone of the conversation.

We’re a collaborative organisation – we live and die by the way we collaborate. We have a very simple mantra, which is, we have to be friends with everyone. We have to find a way of convening those partnerships, so our service providers sometimes become a critical component in convening those partnerships, done in a fashion that means that the end outcome is high impact to the customer. We’re looking for our partners and service providers to be a key element in that partnership.

That’s how we see the whole business – it’s based on strong partnerships.”

Frank Millar, Chief Executive Officer, CPI


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What our clients say

It is important to have a strong and trusted team of professional advisers. That is why I use Square One Law.

Peter Stephenson, Executive Chairman, Able UK,

The Square One Law team are excellent. They always provide us not only with rapid, detailed and most of all, cost effective guidance but also advice that is very commercial.

Trevor Silver, Managing Director, Landid,

We’ve worked with Square One Law across our business from the start. They understand our proposition and can deliver in terms of us achieving quick turnaround times for our customer base, which will promote new benchmarks for the industry.

Stephen Pratt, Head of Originations, Atom Bank,
Able UK – Corporate
Landid – Property
Atom Bank – Corporate