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Ad Gefrin Launches Operations in Northumberland

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Ad Gefrin Launches Operations in Northumberland


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April 5, 2023
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Combining Ancient History and Modern Innovation, Ad Gefrin Anglo-Saxon Museum & Whisky Distillery Opens for Business.

A photograph of artefacts on display in Ad Gefrin's museum. It is a dimly lit room with artistic depictions of Anglo-Saxon life on the walls. The wall on the left reads "A place of nature" and features wildlife on a green hill. The wall on the right reads "A place of creativity" and features Anglo-Saxon people working outside of wood and thatch huts. In front of the walls are display tables holding artefacts. To the far left there are pots, then on a nearer table there are medallions, pots, jewellery and a small chest.

On 25th March 2023, the highly anticipated £16m Ad Gefrin Anglo-Saxon Museum and Whisky Distillery officially opened its doors in Wooler, ushering in a new chapter in Northumberland’s food and drink and tourism industries. Drawing inspiration from the region’s rich history and royal past, Northumberland’s first ever (legal) whisky distillery pays tribute to the ancient palace of Ad Gefrin while integrating state-of-the-art facilities and museum exhibits.

Strategically located in the heart of Northumberland and surrounded by the picturesque Cheviot Hills, Ad Gefrin benefits from the region’s natural resources, allowing for the production of high-quality spirits. The facility boasts cutting-edge design and architecture, marrying tradition with modernity. The impressive site encompasses a museum and distillery, bar and bistro, shop, garden and the ‘Great Hall’ and tasting room which use audio-visual technology for immersive experiences. Visitors can enjoy a recreation of the 7th century Great Hall of Northumbria’s kings and queens while seeing ancient artefacts from Northumbria’s Golden Age – many of which have not been seen in public before.

Beyond its commitment to innovate and produce exceptional whiskies, Ad Gefrin is also dedicated to supporting the local community. By partnering with regional businesses, suppliers, and farmers, the distillery reinforces the strong bond between the people of Northumberland and their rich heritage.

Square One Law advised the business co-founded by Northumberland entrepreneurs, Eileen and Alan Ferguson on the property, intellectual property and commercial agreements for the development of the site, protection of the brand and day-to-day trading operations. Square One Law has also become a founding member of Corenkyn (Old English for ‘Chosen Family’), Ad Gefrin’s founding membership programme.

Eileen and Alan Ferguson stood at the top of a wooden staircase at Ad Gefrin. Eileen is stood on the left wearing a navy suit and pink turtle-neck jumper with a gold necklace. She has shoulder-length brown hair. Alan is stood on the right and is wearing a navy suit with checker-pattern jacket and a silver and blue checker tie.

Ad Gefrin co-founders Eileen Ferguson (left) and Alan Ferguson (right).

Eileen Ferguson, Ad Gefrin, commented:

“With a project that will have such a critical impact on the regional economy, it was essential to work with partners who understood what we were trying to achieve and could provide a range of specialist legal support. With Square One Law we found that.”

Square One Law Managing Partner, Gill Hunter, said:

“We are passionate about the regions we operate in and so we were delighted to be appointed to advise on this landmark project which will have a huge impact on the local economy. Ad Gefrin is a one-of-a-kind attraction which puts Wooler on the map and celebrates Northumberland’s rich culture and history. We will certainly be regular visitors!”