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We are delighted that three high profile business people are prepared to discuss, to an invited audience, how their companies have undergone a digital transformation. They will explain how they have embraced change and evolved their operations and grown their market share.

They all operate in different sectors and have changed from traditional analogue working to advanced digital processes; resulting in growth, increased profits and future proofing their businesses. I am sure their case studies will provide significant positive lessons for all business owners in the North East and I’m delighted they have agreed to speak openly about the journey they have taken.

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It is important to have a strong and trusted team of professional advisers. That is why I use Square One Law.

Peter Stephenson, Executive Chairman, Able UK,

The Square One Law team are excellent. They always provide us not only with rapid, detailed and most of all, cost effective guidance but also advice that is very commercial.

Trevor Silver, Chairman, Landid,

We’ve worked with Square One Law across our business from the start. They understand our proposition and can deliver in terms of us achieving quick turnaround times for our customer base, which will promote new benchmarks for the industry.

Stephen Pratt, Head of Originations, Atom Bank,
Able UK – Corporate
Landid – Property
Atom Bank – Corporate