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S1:E1 – Joanne Lockwood, SEE Change Happen

By June 1, 2023January 24th, 2024No Comments

Episode 1

Joanne Lockwood, SEE Change Happen


Season 1


June 1, 2023
Video summary
Join your host ⁠Gill Hunter⁠⁠, in our first episode of our new podcast series ‘Fear Less, Do More’ as she chats to ⁠Joanne Lockwood⁠, an Inclusive Culture Expert, and Founder / CEO of ⁠See Change Happen⁠.  Joanne’s personal journey as a transgender woman fuels her passion for transgender awareness and support, guiding organisations in developing Allies Programmes and LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies. She is not just a consultant, but a heartfelt mentor, inspiring change.

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