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Let’s Talk: Neil Spann CEO of Power Roll Ltd & Helen Brain

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Let's Talk: Neil Spann CEO of Power Roll Ltd & Helen Brain




Monday 13th November 2023

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North East businesses across the region are developing a world-class reputation in clean energy and technologies.

Amongst those companies leading the UK’s green revolution is Power Roll Ltd – a company currently piloting the production of a patented flexible solar film that converts the sun’s rays into energy.

The Power Roll film is flexible, much cheaper, and lighter than traditional solar panels. What we love about it is that it can efficiently bring power to isolated off-grid villages in third-world countries. Totally revolutionary!

So when we were invited to Power Roll’s pre-production facility in County Durham to find out more, you couldn’t stop us.

In the first of our two videos, Helen Brain Head of our Commercial team talks to CEO Neil Spann about the technology used and the benefits of producing green energy this way.

In the second video Neil and Helen talk about Power Roll’s plans for development after pre-production, and Neil also gives us a close-up look at their solar film to see exactly how the technology works, what it’s applications can be and shows us around their impressive and highly technical factory floor.

It’s incredible to see such innovation taking place in our region, and it’s difficult to not get excited about the potentially game-changing applications of this technology.

Each video is 10 minutes long (there was just so much to cover)! Enjoy.