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Robotic rehab pioneers’ growth continues…

Robotic rehab pioneers’ growth continues...


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March 21, 2024
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A TEAM of experts pioneering treatment for patients with neurological injuries and conditions is set to open its third specialist rehabilitation centre in six years.

MOTIONrehab has delivered leading-edge services helping people with neurological impairments or disabilities for over 15 years and is now investing in a new facility in Doncaster’s Premier House, in Carolina Court.

The move is another milestone for the company, which opened the UK’s first Robotics-led Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Leeds in 2018, quickly expanding from one floor to the entire building. The Doncaster base follows the launch of a facility in Hull in December 2020.

Merissa Galley and Sarah Daniel at the new centre in Doncaster. 

Sarah Daniel, director and founder of MOTIONrehab, said  “the new clinic will help meet increasing demand for intensive rehabilitation treatments, which utilise evidence-based  robotics to enhance the quality of rehabilitation and promote longer, more regular treatment sessions.”

“The new facility is really exciting and enables us to deliver more treatment to more people in more locations,” she said. “It doesn’t seem long ago that we were really struggling after the lockdown impacted on us, but since then MOTIONrehab has enjoyed strong growth as more people realise the benefits of intensive neurological rehabilitation.

“We embrace the use of technology and the benefits offered by intensive therapy programmes and many organisations are also recognising that. We take NHS referrals, work with charities, have private clients and we’re gaining a fantastic reputation outside the UK. We have people coming to see us from all over the world – California, India, Malta, Italy – which is fantastic.”

Square One Law advised MOTIONrehab on the move to the new HQ, having worked successfully together to secure the expansion of the Leeds centre facility.

Merissa Galley, property senior associate, oversaw the deal. She said: “It is such a delight to see MOTIONrehab going from strength to strength, and it’s a pleasure to have, once again, been able to support Sarah and her team to close the deal on another facility that’s perfect for the organisation’s specialist requirements.

“Having worked with them a number of times, we appreciate how important accessibility, parking and open space are, and this new building ticks all the boxes. We wish the team luck and look forward to working with them again on their next ground-breaking expansion.”

MOTIONrehab’s technology-led rehabilitation programmes are tailored to help people recovering from strokes, brain or spinal cord injuries, or with conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy.

The business was formed by Sarah in 2007. Originally working alone in a small, rented room, MOTIONrehab now has a staff of 45, operating across Yorkshire and Humberside.

Sarah said: “The success of intensive neurological rehabilitation programmes lies in being able to provide intensity and high-doses of therapy which clinical research tells us is needed to aid recovery. We don’t see people for an hour every other week, we often work with them from 9am until 4pm four days a week. That’s how we get results and why we need rehab centres like this.

“Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation is not a new concept and there are several intensive rehabilitation centres in Europe. However, historically in the UK people with Neurological conditions would only receive 45 mins of physiotherapy a week. Hence the need to develop and expand our services. Our biggest advocates are people who use our services shouting about the results they achieve, meaning demand has risen rapidly so the new space is vital.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Square One Law – this is the third project we’ve done with them, and again Merissa has been absolutely fantastic, understanding our unique needs. I’m really grateful for all their help and support.”

MOTIONrehab’s new Doncaster clinic opened in March 2024.