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S2:E11 – Passion, Resilience, and Empowerment: ‘Fear Less, Do More’ with Sharon Starkey

Episode 11

Passion, Resilience, and Empowerment: 'Fear Less, Do More' with Sharon Starkey


Season 2


February 13, 2024
Video summary
Join our host, Gill Hunter as she engages in an insightful conversation with Sharon Starkey, Managing Director at Resolution, a strategic marketing design agency. After a serious illness reshaped her perspective on life, she founded her business in 2014, leveraging her expertise to empower smaller enterprises. Starkey’s leadership ethos emphasises camaraderie over hierarchy, fostering a collaborative environment within her team. Beyond her professional endeavours, Sharon is passionate about language, education, and guiding young people toward diverse career paths in the creative and language sectors.

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