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S2:E9 – Fearless Leadership, Inner Strength and Dedication: ‘Fear Less, Do More’ with Karen Thomson

By January 26, 2024February 2nd, 2024No Comments

Episode 9

Fearless Leadership, Inner Strength and Dedication: 'Fear Less, Do More' with Karen Thomson


Season 2


January 26, 2024
Video summary
Join our host, Gill Hunter, in a captivating and fascinating conversation with Major Karen Thomson, who has dedicated an impressive 32 years of service to the British Army. Major Thomson embarked on her remarkable military journey at the age of 16, accumulating not only invaluable life lessons but also immersing herself in diverse cultures.
Her unwavering commitment, fearlessness, and extensive years of service have afforded her a wealth of experiences. Karen shares her insights on being a woman in the military, dispels misconceptions about the Army, and expresses her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. Additionally, she reveals her heartfelt desire to dedicate more time to charity work, leveraging her skills to make a positive impact beyond her military career.
While recording this episode, Karen held the position of Community Engagement Officer. She has since been promoted to Captain and proudly serves as an Army Force Protection Officer at the Army Safety Centre within Army Headquarters.

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