Welcome to ‘Fear Less, Do More’ the podcast where we dive into the minds of some extraordinary and fearless businesses and people.

People who are challenging the status quo and who are helping to change the world of business around us.

Meet your host, ⁠Gill Hunter, the Managing Partner at Square One Law. In each episode, she’ll be chatting to innovators, changemakers and trailblazers where we explore the unique journeys that can help you feel inspired to ‘fear less and do more’.

Watch clips of our latest episodes here, with full episodes available on Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts.

Fear Less, Do More Trailer

Watch the trailer as Gill introduces this new series.

Episode 1 – Joanne Lockwood, SEE Change Happen

Join your host ⁠Gill Hunter⁠⁠, in our first episode of our new podcast series ‘Fear Less, Do More’ as she chats to ⁠Joanne Lockwood⁠, an Inclusive Culture Expert, and Founder / CEO of ⁠See Change Happen⁠.  Joanne’s personal journey as a transgender woman fuels her passion for transgender awareness and support, guiding organisations in developing Allies Programmes and LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies. She is not just a consultant, but a heartfelt mentor, inspiring change.


Episode 2 – Owain Brennan, SeerBi

Bringing AI and Data Science to Industries with Owain Brennan of SeerBi. Join your host ⁠⁠Gill Hunter⁠⁠⁠, ‘Fear Less, Do More’ as she chats to ⁠⁠Owain Brennan⁠⁠, CEO and Data Scientist of SeerBi.

Episode 3 – Jonathan Philip & Antonia Steven, Nursem

In the third episode of “Fear Less, Do More,” we dive into the inspiring story of Jonathan Philp and Antonia Steven, the dynamic duo behind Nursem, a skincare brand born on a nursing ward. Join us as we explore their journey from frustration to innovation and how they became a beacon of hope for healthcare professionals.

Episode 4 – Peter Neal, The Experience Bank

Join our host Gill Hunter, who will be talking to ⁠Peter Neal⁠, the founder and director of ⁠‘The Experience Bank’⁠, a business management consultant agency who aims to enable North East businesses to maintain high performance.

Episode 5 – Dr Lucy Reynolds, We Are All Disabled

Gill Hunter talks to Dr Lucy Reynolds, the founder and director of We Are All Disabled CIC’. An organisation that exists to challenge perceptions about disability through open conversations.

Episode 6 – William McClelland, Crable

Gill is joined by William McClelland, an Entrepreneur and the inventor of ‘Crable’ – a company who design and supply charging shelves for commercial premises.

Episode 7 – Andy Haddon & Gail Lawler, Big River Bakery

In this episode Gill will be talking to ⁠Andy Haddon⁠, the Founder of ⁠Big River Bakery⁠ and ⁠Gail Lawler⁠, the Director. Big Rivery Bakery is a 10 year old commercial bakery whose purpose is to do some good in their community.

Episode 8 – Ian Hughes, Vielo Sports

Gill talks to Ian Hughes, Managing Director of Vielo Sports about their innovative bike frames designed for British weather and British roads, tips for successful collaborations, the value of working diversely across generations and skill sets, and how childhood passions stay with us.

Episode 9 – Isabella West, Hirestreet and Zoa Rental

Gill Hunter is joined by Isabella West, founder and CEO of sustainable fashion and technology businesses Hirestreet and Zoa Rental.

Episode 10 – Paul Lewney, Kavli UK Limited

In our tenth episode, ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Gill Hunter⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ talks to Paul Lewney, Managing Director of multi-national cheese producers Kavli UK Limited.

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