Day to day trading can create many legal issues for businesses and that’s why it is essential that business owners and their management teams can access responsive, commercially astute support whether in relation to negotiating contracts, protecting IP, dealing with online trading or handling personal data.

All businesses will enter into contracts on a regular, sometimes daily basis. The commercial contracts they use to buy and sell goods and services are at the very core of any business. Businesses who do not take the opportunity to ensure they are contracting on the right terms are taking unnecessary risks and missing out on the chance to put themselves in the best possible position in their commercial relationships.

Increasingly intellectual property and data are at the heart of many businesses. Ensuring that a business’ IP is captured and properly protected is often critical. Effective exploitation through licensing, sales and collaborations can bring significant revenues into an organisation whilst the acquisition or licensing of external IP can strengthen a business and differentiate it in the marketplace.

Similarly, technology plays a significant part in the success of most organisations, but its use and implementation often brings with it legal and commercial issues and, with the arrival of GDPR in 2018, the spotlight has been on businesses and their use (and misuse!) of data. Frequently, data and know how are significant business assets, but a steady hand is needed to guide you through the increasingly complex legislative framework.

Our experienced commercial team works closely with clients across a wide range of sectors and has a proven track record in contract, IP, technology and data law. We understand that each client requires solutions that achieve the best commercial outcomes for their business and our legal advice is always tailored to the individual client and the context in which they require advice. We advise on the legal requirements and key terms of contracts without getting bogged down unnecessarily in technicalities and are skilled at creating effective legal documents that are easy to understand, implement and manage. All of our commercial lawyers have worked in house or in commerce and so understand the real value of truly commercial advice and the importance of always giving a view, not just options.

Our experienced commercial lawyers can help you with:

  • Standard terms and framework agreements
  • Technology agreements including software licensing and IT procurement
  • Exporting and importing
  • IP strategy and audits
  • IP protection, licensing and acquisitions
  • R&D and collaborative projects
  • Ecommerce and online trading
  • Distribution, reselling and agency arrangements
  • Data protection compliance and audits
  • Data sharing, transfer and processing arrangements

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It is important to have a strong and trusted team of professional advisers. That is why I use Square One Law.

Peter Stephenson, Executive Chairman, Able UK,

The Square One Law team are excellent. They always provide us not only with rapid, detailed and most of all, cost effective guidance but also advice that is very commercial.

Trevor Silver, Chairman, Landid,

We’ve worked with Square One Law across our business from the start. They understand our proposition and can deliver in terms of us achieving quick turnaround times for our customer base, which will promote new benchmarks for the industry.

Stephen Pratt, Head of Originations, Atom Bank,
Able UK – Corporate
Landid – Property
Atom Bank – Corporate